Ruiner. Trash, waste and cyberpunk

Few good games in any genre. Action RPG is no exception. A good Action RPG in a cyberpunk setting is almost none. As exceptions can result unless the series c Shadowrun turn-based tactical combat. The more valuable given that the genre of the vacuum looks the project “Ruiner” ot Reikon Games.

The plot

I’ll be brief. Something resembling a plot, here it is. However, to count on any original twists and fresh solutions writers not necessary. Become a classic since the days of Ghost in the Shell story on the compromised brain, is perceived as a kind of a necessary attribute, a tradition. Race against time in various locations in search of your kidnapped brother. Phantom assistant is a hacker. Intermediate flashy varying degrees of reason… All this we have already seen somewhere.

Briefly about the plot

Because let’s be honest. In Banshee don’t play for interesting stories. And not for charismatic characters. Not for profound dialogues or nonlinearity. The only reason to buy and complete the game is by far worth it – a hurricane of fighting. Short moments of filing meaningless narratives are perceived only as a necessary respite before the next epic with the local mobs.


For the visual part of the Speedo meets the 4th generation Unreal Engine. The picture at all desire cannot be called capture the imagination or revolutionary. At the same time, the task of immersion in a dark dystopian atmosphere of the average of the cyberpunk universe graphics to cope for 5 plus.

Nuff said

When you look at what is happening on screen there is no hint of obsolescence. The game provides us with a necessary set of visual beauty in order to feel at ease even in 2017, the spoiled 3rd Witcher, year. And here it should be noted another important factor. Enjoy all the detail in the picture Ruiner even those of us who don’t spent to upgrade your gaming PC since the second half of 2014. System requirements otherwise super-technological not name.

The combat system and control

So we got to the bottom of Ruiner. It can be characterized by one succinct definition: tactical hurricane in real time and gives the game almost infinite replayability. Skills alter-ego of the player grows according to the plot progress, opening up new options for creative destruction of enemies. However, do not think that the character is gradually transformed into the likeness of Rambo. Playing Ruiner, be ready for one – you have to think very quickly and even faster to translate their decisions in life. Otherwise, you’re dead.

Yes, Ruiner ruthless towards beginners. It works on the ego of the average fan of casual games like Сuphead. The game will require you superhuman concentration. Each new battle with the mobs will not be perceived as the routine conduct but as a complete test.

Ruiner is a simulator of a multi-tasking user. You can also calculate the trajectory of rapid movement; dosing available energy by using the right perk; to shoot accurately and count the cartridges, on the go to pick up the most suitable weapon; to interact with the elements of the environment; to seek out weaknesses of the enemy and not to allow to drive the character into a corner? If Yes, then Banshee is your game. But if not, then you have something to strive for. Even the lowest level of complexity will provide premature gray hair in step-by-step “tactical battles.” Bro, you have two options: either git gut or get ready to buy a new chair and have a fire extinguisher.

Sketch “the fate of the casual”

So what is a Burrito? It’s a constant challenge, forcing you to improve not only their mental and tactical abilities but also the reaction rate. And be sure of one thing – your own wounded ego after the umpteenth death row will not let you remove a game from your PC.


Ruiner, Cuphead, Divinity: OS 2 and some others released in 2017, the projects, in my opinion, are very important and determine the correct trend. Players are tired of the endless simplification casual and conventions. Finally, in various game genres and setting begins to return His Majesty the hardcore. Forcing the next generation’s “the Munchkins” kerf on all cylinders not only the spinal cord but also the brain. Autocivil them from press X to win the most effective way – throwing in the middle of a virtual battle and not explaining anything. Is it good? In my opinion Yes. What do you think about this development?

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