Press X to Win 80 level – Lineage II Revolution Degradation

Recently, the release of Lineage II Revolution Degradation for mobile platforms. Games, the advertising campaign which started ~6 months ago. The user promised an unprecedented level of graphics (by the standards of games for smartphones, of course), addictive gameplay, epic battles, etc. Playing the LIIR approximately 5 hours, I’m ready to tell you why you need to suppress the nostalgic feelings of the bygone days of youth, over-optimistic first half of zero and the Golden age of MMORPG in General. After all, the gameplay in LIIR even less dynamic than winter fishing. Details under the cut.

Tutorial? No! Gameplay

What did we use to see in mobile games right after another pathetic savers-intro? Right. Most certainly training. A brief digression on the main game mechanics, character abilities and other niceties. LIIR was no exception. That’s just or substances from local game designers were too powerful or greedy hands publisher with the eternal desire to be all the maximum reach to the bottom too early. However here is a tutorial and gameplay!

No, I’m not kidding. Spool up to level 21, I still face educational panels! At the 6th hour of gameplay apparently, I didn’t pass and half the local tutorial. Yes, the idea of a smooth flow of information itself is good. And its proper implementation provides a smooth and unobtrusive immersion of the user in the gaming universe. Familiarity with LOR-om was supposed to be strictly localized and do not cause shock and rejection because of the abundance of information. But 6 hours… No, that’s too much. We’re talking about the game for mobile platforms. About the casual project, the average gaming session which shall not exceed 10 minutes. Alas, the guys from Netmarble to this account a different opinion.

A game that plays itself

Unfortunately, the local tutorial is comparable in epicness and scale is that with the works of L. N. Tolstoy is not the biggest problem of the game. A fatal lack thereof, according to the law can and should be considered a system to automatically complete quests.

The player is not required to meet with the local map. After all, the character itself will find the way and reach the next tough fights with mobs. The player is not required to press buttons in battle. Even for the treatment and mana regeneration. The character is fighting, treated and moved completely offline. Almost the same applies to the local caves. Except that the bosses will make you click a couple of buttons to call powerful spells or specials. abilities.

So what is the part of the player? Improvement of weapons and upgrades. In the expenditure of local resources on pumping abilities of the hero. And on the other, to smoothly lead the user to the required donation steps. The question of whether to call this the gameplay is fun, so rhetorician that he is worthy of entering the Chamber of Weights and Measures.

The story and Quests

The level of banality and pathos with the story of the mainline LIIR can argue is that some Mexican TV series. Another epic battle the best of the Good with the evil Evil is not even a sarcastic grin. And a strong desire to uninstall the application. But perhaps even local quests will bring a breath of fresh air?

Detective? No. The genocide of another dozen werewolves

Where there! The whole range of tasks received from the local NPC is reduced to the cutting of another pile the next low poly and mobs in a nearby grove even more sketchy trees. F-se! And if to remember also the automatic execution of it… is it even Possible to call what is happening? In my opinion, no. It is even an interactive comic book does not pull.

The results

What have we got? Absolutely unplayable, mediocre in terms of graphics product not able not to keep the user, but also any to tempt him. Pass by safely and do not waste the time.

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