OnePlus: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Who doesn’t love stories about underdogs and misfits, who took and escaped in leaders? Always bet against the underdog, so success for them is especially sweet.

Want to know who the outsider in the market of smartphones? You can look at the company OnePlus, which is often playing catch-up role, since its inception in 2014. It’s only been four years, and the OnePlus one well-known manufacturer has become the owner of a large number of admirers in the market of mobile devices.

As usual, in the history of OnePlus had UPS and downs. In the sphere of activities of such instability, we were able to confirm its importance, although the number of fans it is not like leaders. In many developed countries smartphones this company is a little familiar, but she wasn’t going to keep up with the most popular brands on the quality of their machines. Yesterday it was a newbie with ambitious plans, and today is a confident player, capable of producing smartphones is not worse than large corporations.

It will be interesting to see what will happen to OnePlus tomorrow, and you can understand it on the basis of this company that helped her get to the current location. In this article, we will look back and describe the steps of this company. Will review the key strategies and achievements.

Dive in a sea of chaos

To enter the technology market with such high competition it is very difficult, OnePlus did it in 2014. In December 2013, the company was founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, in April 2014 it was announced the first smartphone OnePlus One. Had to compete with heavyweights like Apple and Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC. In those days, the popular smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, iPhone 5. To make to buy a smartphone unknown brand, had to try.

For this to succeed, it was necessary to play by the rules. The device had an attractive finish and more attractive and the low price. However, there were some problems like the yellow tint on the screen. The manufacturer has solved this issue with software updates, although some users remained dissatisfied that this case was not classified as a defect. It was a hard lesson, which the company had to master.

Self-distribution strategy

Part of the success of the first smartphone OnePlus can be explained not only by the high ratio of price and quality, but also a unique distribution strategy. At first glance she seemed pleased confusing. Before the advent of OnePlus 3 in the summer of 2016, the company used the invitation system as the only way to buy its smartphones. This had its pros and cons, because such a method limited the volume of sales. On the other hand, the owner of the smartphone OnePlus could be a feeling of prestige because you can buy it could not all attend.

Although the invitation system in the past, when the company moved to sales through the network channels, OnePlus still has the habit to sell its vehicles directly to buyers. Stores for sales to appear together with the very smartphones. There is a short time between announcement and opening of stores. There are a long lines, polls that allows you to increase the brand recognition of the OnePlus.

Attention to customer opinion and approach Never Settle

If OnePlus and is associated with some slogan is Never Settle. Smartphones always offer incredible functionality for those users who are careful about choosing. Customer reviews lead to the timely emergence of software updates and improve the functioning of smartphones. Low price with high hardware specifications, makes the device particularly attractive.

Another aspect of the development of the OnePlus are a diverse community in online forums. Dedicated fans directly affect the company, speak about your wishes for future smartphones, like the preservation of the headphone Jack or the appearance of the interface USB-C. Community and Never Settle are unique to companies in the smartphone market symbiosis.

The emphasis on mentality

Every year there are released a couple of smartphones, it is easier to carry out their development and realization of full potential. At first it seemed that OnePlus will be releasing one smartphone a year, but in the end there are two. It’s still a little time for the development and realization of the concepts is enough.

The number of engineers, designers and other permanent employees of the OnePlus is still inferior to larger producers, but this does not prevent it to prosper. As a reverse example, look for a company LeEco, who was on the verge of entering the American market, but after a short time completely ceased operations. OnePlus could increase the scale of their activities and to expand the range of devices tablets, low cost smartphones and other consumer electronics products, but does not.

Premium smartphone with unique features

If you look at the modern flagship smartphones, it is possible to find similarities in terms of design. Glass meets metal in almost all of them. OnePlus doesn’t follow this trend, giving your devices unique features. This allows them to stand out from the crowd.

The Chinese manufacturer is still using the metal housing but is not afraid to experiment, changing the finish and coating. In this price category it is difficult to require the appearance of the ideal, but OnePlus manages not to disappoint fans. Continuing to use the approach of Never Settle, the company is trying every time to raise the bar appearance.

Beat the competition with prices

Every smartphone OnePlus pleased with the value and quality that is yet another fundamental aspect of these devices. Due to this, the OnePlus smartphones in demand, despite the fact that the company is not among the top five manufacturers. The apparatus manages to keep the status of a flagship at a significantly lower price. Although the price of smartphones OnePlus is growing every year, it is still less than the competition.

This gives an advantage in the struggle for purses of buyers. To achieve the lowest cost possible by working directly with customers, as has already been said above. Despite this, the prices are surprising because the development, advertising and marketing are expensive.

Survival when dealing with customers directly

Large manufacturers, such a strategy fails, but OnePlus has succeeded in this. For example, you can look at Huawei, which in the U.S. sells smartphones directly through the network channels without operators. From OnePlus is still getting better.

In the US, the main sales are still occurring with contracts from Telecom operators. They would allow OnePlus to reach a wider audience, but this is not happening and the company remains little known in the United States. This fact does not reduce confidence and OnePlus does not prevent her to pursue a higher purpose.

Will continue Never Settle?

Twice a year the OnePlus announces new smartphones, the rest of the company behaves fairly quiet. The smartphone market is very dynamic, today’s leaders tomorrow can be left behind, but they will be replaced by others. The story of OnePlus yet short, but it allowed the company to become a proven brand.

The last two smartphones have absorbed many of the usual features of modern devices. You can call screens 18:9 or dual camera. It will be interesting to see what OnePlus border ready to cross to improve his position. The price of smartphones is gradually increasing, but remain considerably below the competition.

From the company is required to maintain the loyal fans that they continue to buy smartphones. OnePlus cult status continues to remain a significant force, but if she wants a bigger piece of the pie, have to work hard.


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